DJ TLR mixes up forthcoming Crème material

Crème Organization boss DJ TLR has just unveiled a new mix of fresh material from the Crème and R-Zone labels.

Anyone who has seen Crème’s DJ TLR perform a set will know that he’s one of the most interesting selectors in the game; his recent Stray Poulets mixtape for The Trilogy Tapes is still on heavy rotation on the cassette decks of the Juno Plus editorial staff, covering hip hop, electro, acid and house old and new. TLR’s latest mix – available to download below – is entitled I Wanna Live Inside A Ninja (Because There’s Nowhere To Hide), and comes with this somewhat cryptic statement:

“Indeed not many places to hide with 6K people following you! So before we dive under, here’s a last gasp mix of mainly upcoming and new stuff from the Crème & R-Zone camps, cemented together with some hype soundz of now!”

Header image by Ilaria Pace from a photo used courtesy of Alexey Smolin