James Holden further teases album with “Renata”

Get another taste of James Holden’s forthcoming album The Inheritors with “Renata”.

As previously reported, James Holden recently revealed details of his second album The Inheritors, due for release on June 17 through Border Community; the announcement was accompanied by “Gone Feral”, a dramatic piece of modular trance which encapsulated the pagan influences at play on the album as a whole.

With the album’s release date swiftly approaching, Holden has unveiled a second track from The Inheritors entitled “Renata”, which can be streamed below; the track’s raw and untimely, but equally rhythmic, synth arpeggios see Holden’s individual take on trance bump up next to momentous episodes of musical force similar to that heard in Clark’s productions. The track will soon be released digitally alongside remixes from Daphni and analogue fetishist Steve Moore.