MGUN adds some Motor City grit to Berceuse Heroique

The Debussy-referencing Berceuse Heroique continue to impress, turning to Detroit’s MGUN for their fourth release. 

Officially launching last month, Berceuse Heroique came with a distinct, politically loaded visual style that matched the bleak, uncompromising sounds of Ekman on the first 12″, and the label’s release schedule makes for intriguing reading. Some neck snapping Lowlands style electro from the elusive Gesloten Cirkel is set to arrive shortly before Berceuse Heroique turn their attention stateside with forthcoming releases from Brooklyn artist and Voodoo Down co-founder L’estasi Dell’oro and Wild Oats, Don’t Be Afraid and The Trilogy Tapes alumnus Manuel ‘MGUN’ Gonzales.

The latter’s BH release surfaced on Soundcloud yesterday with no confirmed release date as yet; at two tracks long, it marks a departure from Gonzales’ recent six track per 12″ endeavours, yet both productions are filled with the producer’s lo-fi charms. The playful, speakerbox electro of “Laser Jam” contrasts notably with the high throttle, minimalist subaqueous techno of the title track “Blunt Run.”