Watch the slo-mo video take on HOLOVR’s “I”

Forthcoming Opal Tapes artist HOLOVR has shared a hypnotic video to accompany their equally trance-inducing “I” – watch the results here.

As reported previously, the prolific Opal Tapes imprint will soon be releasing their next batch of cassettes into the world, with the varied styles of Lumigraph, Uio Lio, COIN and HOLOVR all making their full label debuts. The beatless analogue geometry of HOLOVR’s “III”, has already been shared, but now the artist has revealed “I” from the same Lunar Lake release.

More beat driven than “III”, it nevertheless shares the same muddy characteristics, with breathing chords and a slowly unfolding backdrop that slowly brings colour into the track’s otherwise monochromatic palette. David Richards’ accompanying video, which can be streamed below, offers a suiably slow motion club scene to accompany HOLOVR’s drifting techno.