3 Chairs collective signal return with Demigods

Messrs Dixon Jr, Parrish, Wilhite and Pittman will return under the 3 Chairs banner with the first original material in some seven years.

Given the recent album news from Omar S and Kyle Hall, the time seems ripe for big announcements from Detroit, and the return of the much loved 3 Chairs ensemble is as big as news gets. The quartet first introduced the deep and dusty nature of the 3 Chairs handle back in 1997 with the 3 Chairs double pack which contained classic Theo cuts such as “Rain For Jimmy” and “When The Morning Comes”. Subsequent 3 Chairs releases have seen the group gradually move towards collaborating on tracks instead of contributing individual productions, best demonstrated on the 2004 triple LP Three Chairs 3 which seemed to cohesively meld their collective musical influences into one eminently collectable whole.

Returning with their first original output since 2006, the forthcoming Demigods 12″ looks to have them continue in this collaborative fashion; working together on a quartet of tracks due out on Kenny Dixon Jr’s Mahogani Music – the first time 3 Chairs output has appeared on his label. The record would appear to be another diverse representation of their tastes with the taut, analogue squelch of the title track complemented by the piano based experimentalism of “Elephant Ankles”, whilst the playful vocal edits of “6 Mile” sits nicely next to the dusty beatdown of “Celestial Contact”.

Mahogani Music will release Demigods by 3 Chairs in 12″ format on March 25 – head to the Rush Hour website to check clips.


1. Demigods
2. Elephant Ankles
3. 6 Mile
4. Celestial Contact