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Omar S announces new album, Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Omar S has revealed details of his third album, entitled Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself.

The Detroit-based producer should need no introduction; his singularly raw brand of Motor City house and techno has seen him find favour as one of the underground’s most revered producers over the past 10 years, while his excellent FXHE imprint has become home to the likes of kindred spirits such as OB Ignitt and Luke Hess. 

Since his 2007 track “Psychotic Photosynthesis” and subsequent contribution to the Fabric mix canon put him on the radars of many, his own productions and his FXHE label have gone from strength to strength, with his 2011 album It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It providing his boldest artistic statement to date, whilst last year’s run of releases made the label a neccessary inclusion in our top labels of 2012.

Although there was a period of six years between his debut album Just Ask The Lonely and its follow up, the producer has shared details with us of his third long-player, which is called Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself and is a hefty 14 tracks long. We spoke to the producer via email to ask him a few questions about the album; at the producer’s own request the answers are presented in unadulterated form.

What’s the album going to be called and what’s the thinking behind the name?

{Thank you for letting me be myself} I name it that because all my fans kept telling me to be yourself, keep doing what you do. Thanks Homie’s and Tender Roni’s. This is why I did this Album, for my fans. I wanted this to be a good listening Album from beginning to end which it is BTW!!

There was a six year gap between your debut album and It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It, but this third album’s only taken two years. Is this speedy turnaround because you’re going through a particularly creative patch at the moment, or do you just have more time to work on tracks?

Well, The Further You Look the Less you will see was a Album I never released. So I just broke up some of the songs into EP’s and a lot of tracks I just never released. Foe Da International Dj Only was another album that I only released on Double Pack there were five other tracks I never released from that as well. So there are Albums and Albums laying around on my Studio floor with Nike Shoe Prints and NUNNS Barbeque sauce on them!!

Your last album had a mixture of previously released tracks and some fresh productions – will you be taking the same approach with this album?

Nawl Dawg,, Dis Shit is all new Mane!!

Will it be coming out on CD only or will there be a vinyl version like your last album?

Both Mane!

You’ve also been doing a lot of collaborations recently with the likes of Aaron Siegel, L’Renee, and OB Ignitt – do you have any collaborations planned for the album you can tell us about?

Just L’Renee, the Girl is fast as HELL! She’s never in the studio more than 45 minutes and right back out the door. PAID AND FULL!! And my Home Boy D.Taylor who laced me up with some Piano freestyle typpa thang, on a track called “This the Shit”. My mean man Luke Hess mixed the track “I Just Want”.

For us FXHE’s artwork is an integral part of the label’s charm (OB Ignitt’s Oh Jabba being one of our recent favorites). Who is responsible for the artwork, and can you give us any indication as to what the artwork for your new album is going to be like?

Artwork is not important here,who looks at artwork on the dance floor you know? Only a momma’s boy cares about artwork!!

As far as we’re concerned FXHE had one of its best years to date in 2012 thanks to its diverse selection of releases – apart from your album, can you tell us what else might be in store in terms for yourself and FXHE 2013?

Thank You Sir,we all thought that 2012 was FXHE’s best year far as release’s like Wayne County Hill cops(part2), S.E.X, TONITE, OH JABBAHI dont know what the future holds…I do, but I’ll never brake the Detroit Code!!!

FXHE will release Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself by Omar S on CD in mid March with the 4xLP vinyl version following at a later date.


1. I’ll Bring U Ah Lil Sumpin Back
2. I Just Want (Mixed by Luke Hess)
3. Air Of The Day
4. Be Yoself
5. Rewind
6. The Shit Baby (CP-1 Played By D.Taylor)
7. Hellter Shelter
8. Amalthea
9. Tardigrade’s
10. Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself
11. Ready My Black Asz
12. Messier Sixty Eight
13. DumpsterGraves
14. Its Money In The “D”