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Milo Smee and Andy Blake return as Invincible Scum on Power Vacuum

Andy Blake and Milo Smee are set to cross swords again as Invincible Scum with a new release on the latter’s Power Vacuum label.

Although both producers contributed individually to Blake’s long defunct Dissident imprint – Smee as Kruton and Binary Chaffinch and Blake as Control Voltage – they were also responsible for two releases in 2007 and 2008 as Invincible Scum, both of which saw Blake and Smee pair up for “Shake It Up” and “House Of The Rising Scum”, two jacking, acid-influenced hardware jams which were characterised by their tweaked out frequencies that seemed designed to make your ears bleed.

Although the pair have been busy with solo endeavours of late – Blake running the World Unknown night and affiliated label, and Smee producing as Bintus while running the Power Vacuum label – they have evidently found time to reform for another round of pulsating analogue techno that the label describes as being like “a web of technoidal spaghetti thrown in the face of a non believer”. Entitled Scumrush, the forthcoming EP’s title track comes in two parts; the first has all the longform qualities of Blake’s one-take Cave Paintings jams, clocking in at a hefty 14 minutes, while the second is subtitled “Bintus Scum” and sounds like the kind of swinging acid of the producer’s “Corrosion Control”. The closing “Reprise” meanwhile seems to invert the formula of the title track by cutting out the uncomfortable high-end frequencies and leaving only the body-shaking low-end.

The release comes in the wake of a particularly strong showing in 2012 for Power Vacuum, the direction of which arrived seemingly fully formed, with a pair of Bintus releases and the savage Cerberus EP from EDMX all marked by their particularly brutal approach to acid and electro revivalism.

Power Vacuum will release Scumrush by Invincible Scum on 12″ vinyl and digital formats in March.


A1. Scumrush
B1. Scumrush (Bintus Scum)
B2. Reprise