NNA Tapes to release Anthony Childs LP from Surgeon

UK techno icon Surgeon will debut on NNA Tapes with a new album entitled The Space Between People And Things.

Most recently announced as the next producer to trade blows with Blawan on the Works The Long Nights label, the forthcoming album sees the revered producer adopt a different stylistic approach; eschewing his established precision techno sound for a more experimental method more in keeping with the Vermont label that has previously released music from Laurel Halo, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Set for release in March, The Space Between People And Things sees the producer adopting his given name for the first time in over a decade and presents two long form compositions of unreleased material collated from his personal archives of “tone-based experimental works”. Childs stated on Twitter yesterday that the composistions were “recorded between 1996 and the start of 2012”, and  NNA Tapes aptly suggesting the album is an artifact that gives a “very personal glimpse into the mind of one of electronic music’s most creative producers”.

The press release also has Child describing the two tracks as made up of “location recordings, tonal experiments, and thought-forms from many different positions in space and time. It is the sound of the space between people and things.”

NNA Tapes will release The Space Between People and Things by Anthony Child on March 5.


A. The Space Between People and Things (Side 1)
B. The Space Between People and Things (Side 2)