Listen: OHM Dedication Series #5: Semtek Presents DJ Pierre

Stream, download and soak up a neat snapshot of DJ Pierre’s finest work from Don’t Be Afraid boss Semtek.

The 70 minute plus mix comes courtesy of London label One Handed Music, renowned for releasing some exceptional stuff from Paul White, Bullion and Mo’ Kolours, and forms the latest in an interestingly framed series of themed mixes. The label invites some of their favourite DJs to share their love of a particular artist, producer or songwriter within the mix format and has previously seen JD Twitch pay homage to Adrian Sherwood, Beautiful Swimmers delve into Don Cherry’s discography and Mr Beatnick tackle the challenging Sun Ra back catalogue.

The mixes work as both a neat introduction to the artist in question as well as a new way of hearing them, depending on your familiarity. Semtek’s naturally pumping representation of DJ Pierre focuses on the Chicago native’s celebrated early 90s work across labels such as Strictly, Trax, Emotive and more and is nicely interspersed with some archival recordings of interviews with DJ Pierre.


1. Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (Wake Da Fuck Up Mix) (Strictly)
2. Photon Inc. – Give A Little Love (Tha Wild Pitch Mix) (Strictly)
3. Audio Clash – Don’t Take It Away (Wild Pitch Mix) (Strictly)
4. DJ Pierre – Let The Music Take You Higher (Wild Honey Mix) (Emotive)
5. Phuture – Spirit (DJ Pierre Tribal Mix) (Strictly)
6. Phuture – Inside Out (Wild Pitch Mix) (Strictly)
7. DJ Pierre – I Want You (Short Dub) (Emotive)
8. Phuture – Acid Tracks (Trax)
9. DJ Pierre – Fire Drill (Fire Drill Mix) (Strictly)
10. Phantasia – More Than Just A Dance (Original Wild Pitch Mix) (Vinyl Solution Special Editions)
11. The Underworld – Angel’s Calling (Wild Pitch Mix) (Strictly)
12. Photon Inc. – Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix) (Strictly)
13. Phuture Scope – Plastic (Wild Pitch Mix) (Emotive)
14. Danell Dixon – Hello (Nite Grooves)
15. DJ Pierre – Love Trax (Love Izz…) (Strictly)