Uncanny Valley launch new “proper techno” sub-label shtum

Dresden-based collective Uncanny Valley have announced a new sub-label that focuses on “proper techno and raw house”, with the first release coming from Monomood.

The move seems to acknowledge a prevailing trend among producers and club goers across Europe to hear rugged, raw, analogue dance music, with the recent rise of labels like Vae Victis, Parassela, Restoration and She Works The Long Nights a testament to this. The label promise that the releases on the label will be “music best listened to in a room full of strobe light and fog”.

shtum 001 maintains the Uncanny Valley ethos of promoting artists from in and around Dresden in eastern Germany – Monomood hails from the region but has resided in Berlin for more than a decade. His previous releases for ETUI have honed in on tunnelling dub techno grooves, and his release for schtum follows much the same trajectory – you can listen to previews of all three tracks set to appear on the EP via the Soundcloud player below, with the dungeon acid of B-Side track “The Crafter” appealing most to us on first listen.

The artwork for the debut schtum 12″, which you can view above, was provided by Aram Haydeyan and Uncanny Valley artist Jacob Stoy.

schtum will release shtum 001 by Monomood on November 1, 2012.


1. Parameter One
2. The Crafter
3. Vault