Ghostly International ready HTRK & Tropic Of Cancer split 12″

Live tracks from HTRK and Tropic Of Cancer feature on the forthcoming Part Time Punks Radio Sessions 12″ from Ghostly International, due out later this month.

The recordings originate from an appearance by both bands on the highly regarded underground LA radio show Part Time Punks manned by local icon Michael Stock while HTRK were in the city to play a date with Tropic Of Cancer on their inaugural US tour last year. Both acts are kindred spirits musically; the label suggests “flipping this vinyl sounds like two sides of the same cursed coin, and mirrors a high school dance playing an endless lustful waltz” and more so are among our favourite bands right now.

HTRK man the A Side with tracks from their 2011 released album Work (Work, Work) and “Fascinator” from their debut set Marry Me Tonight and the band’s Jonnine Standish is also responsible for the cover design. Meanwhile, recorded versions of two tracks from The Sorrow Of Two Blooms, Tropic Of Cancer’s debut on Blackest Ever Black feature on the B Side along with a seemingly unreleased song “More Alone”.

This news arrives with HTRK currently working on completing a follow up to Work (Work, Work) with the help of Excepter’s Nathan Corbin, and Camella Lobo rumoured to working on more Tropic Of Cancer material for Blackest Ever Black.

Ghostly International will release Part Time Punks Radio Sessions by HTRK and Tropic Of Cancer on 12″ on October 29.


A1. HTRK – Fascinator
A2. HTRK – Synthetik
A3. HTRK – Poison
B1. Tropic Of Cancer – More Alone
B2. Tropic Of Cancer – Color
B3. Tropic Of Cancer – Temporary Vessels