Pioneer release Rekordbox update

Pioneer today released the latest update to their acclaimed Rekordbox software: version 2.0.1.

This latest version mainly adds support for the recently announced CDJ-2000nexus model, with the upgrades including:

–  Enlarged waveform display for the CDJ-2000nexus during the analysing process
–  The option to make an “Active Loop” for use on the CDJ-2000nexus
–  Select if “Hot Cues” load automatically on the CDJ-2000nexus
–  CDJ-2000nexus “Utility Menu” settings can be managed and exported using “My Settings”
–  The “Pro DJ Link” rekordbox can act as the Master BPM deck

Of particular interest to DJs however is that version 2.0.1 also adds in key detection functionality, which negates the need to use additional third party software such as Mixed in Key. This is very exciting considering that Rekordbox is freeware, compared to some of the competition.

Other features of this update include:

– The option “Property” has been added to the menu when you right click a track that will open the “Info” screen.
– The first beat of the bar displayed
– You can set the first beat of the bar in “Adjust BPM / Beat Grid Mode”
– The BPM range has been increased from 180 to 499 (the maximum BPM during the analysing process remains at 180).
–  One minute markers are displayed on the waveform
–  Quantize is on by default.  Only when you turn “Quantize” off on the player will “Quantize” not work
–  Numerous bug fixes

You can download the update for free here.