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Listen: TLR’s The Hague Is The Plague mix

Crème Organization chief DJ TLR has compiled a mix celebrating 20 years of iconic Dutch imprint Bunker Records. 

The lovingly mixed selection (“some classics, some personal faves and some tracks I rediscovered while trying to figure out what to put in it” according to TLR) contains more than an hour and a half’s worth of classic Bunker moments, showcasing the label’s enduring appeal as the outlet for The Hague sound, which for the uninitiated is essentially a visceral DIY concoction of raw acid, electro and techno.

If you head over to the Crème Soundcloud page, the mix comes relete with some heartfelt sleeve notes from TLR, who says celebrating the Bunker 20th anniversary amidst a distinct lack of press coverage “feels a bit like a man toasting himself in the mirror of a Travel Inn single bedroom with sum minibar party favors listening to Orca Reunion”.

You can stream or download the mix via the Soundcloud player below.


DJ Technician – Never Answer The Phone
Plastic Sleeves – Cerebral Lineout
Sendex – Evidence
XPlain – A3 Untitled
BS1 – A1 Untitled
Orgue Electronique – The Eye That Never Sleeps
8Bit Rockers – Mobile Snowmobile
Elec Pt1 – A2 Untitled
Unit Moebius – Monitor
Mantra – A2 Untitled
Unit Moebius – Neutral Mix
Novamen – The Hague City
Sendex – Pure Acid
Gladio – Slave of Rome
Unit Moebius – Beat That Perculator
Duracel – Abenteur Im Abendschein
Luke Eargoggle – Audio Warriors
Polygamy Boys – Minus Man
Unit Moebius – Zipper
Polarius – Pump The Box
Exaltics – Evolution of the Wrong Species
8Bit Rockers – A2 Untitled
Legowelt – Dance of the Moonbird
Legowelt – Total Pussy Control
Nimoy – Orca Reunion
Pametex – Slique Brown Gloves
Shemale – A2 Untitled
Composite Profuse – Children of Qana
Rude 66 – Machine
Ra-x – Body Rock
Polytron – 247
Electronome – On the Scene
Exaltics – In the End You Got Nothing
Schmerzlabor – Car Audio Test Track
Getitboyz – Bass Obsession
Plastic Sleeves – Robosexual
Interr Ference – B3 Untitled
Beverly Hills 808303 – A3 Untitled
Los Hermanos Rodriguez – The Hague is The Plague
Legowelt – Electro Race