Wild Oats launches Apparel range

Up until now the FXHE ice cube tray has held the title for the most obscure Detroit label paraphernalia on the market, but Omar S has competition in the shape of a new apparel range from Wild Oats.

Alongside the news of Kyle Hall’s label readying a debut EP from Southwest Detroit producer Manuel Gonzales to coincide with the Detroit Movement Festival , Wild Oats also sent through details of their first steps into the lucrative market of label apparel spearheaded by a Wild Oats Baby Bib. Modelled in the picture above, the bib makes for a perfect introductory move into the rich history of Detroit Techno for your newborn and the label has also produced a more standard array of female and male Wild Oats t-shirts which are on display below.

Check the Wild Oats website in the near future for details on how to order.