Running Back ready Lauer album

Gerd Janson’s Running Back imprint will release the debut album from German producer Phillip Lauer, one half of acclaimed duo Arto Mwambe.

Lauer, who produces solo material under both his surname and the Brontosaurs moniker, is also one half of Chicago house-influenced Tuff City Kids alongside Janson. It’s his work as Arto Mwambe that has brought him most acclaim, however, thanks to 2010’s Live At The Robert Johnson compilation and remixes for the likes of Spectral Sound, Sonar Kollektiv and BPitch Control.

The album will be called Phillips, and a small teaser has been provided in the shape of the above video for the album’s title track. The clip was made by Holger Wüst, the man responsible for the visual art at the Robert Johnson nightclub. The album artwork was also posted on the Running Back tumblr today, and you can peruse the tracklisting below.

No word on an exact release date yet but keep an eye on Juno Plus for more details as they emerge.

Update: The album is slated for an April release.


1. 70000ac
2. Coppers
3. Sheldor
4. Hafflinger
5. Frontex Slowfox
6. Tentatious
7. Crawlington
8. Sandalscene
9. Miamisync
10. Delmar 2700
11. TV
12. Trainman