Mute to release Carter Tutti Void collaboration

Mute have announced the release of a one off collaboration between Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti and Factory Floor’s Nik Void.

Entitled Transverse and comprised of four tracks, the recording comes from a performance created especially for the the Short Circuit presents Mute festival at Camden’s Roundhouse in May last year. The tracks were prepared and rehearsed by the trio in the studio and then performed and recorded live in front of an audience. The collaboration was one of the festival’s highlights, and the small space of the area they were performing in led to many disappointed people being left outside.

The performance itself, which saw Carter manipulating a sizeable table of electronics while Tutti and Void manipulated their guitars, was covered by Juno Plus scribe Scott Wilson who wrote: ” Using a bow to play her guitar to creating discordant scrapes, whilst Tutti used a slide to bend her notes, Void seemed to work almost telepathically in unison with Tutti and Carter, which was particularly impressive given the 30 years of experience the couple have working with each other.”

According to the Mute website Transverse will be released across vinyl, CD and digital formats on March 26, and is the first in a series of releases based around performances at the Short Circuit presents Mute festival.


1. V1 (10:04)
2. V2 (10:05)
3. V3 (09:06)
4. V4 (10:08)