Marcel Dettmann mixes Conducted

Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann will release a mix CD, entitled Conducted, via Belgian imprint Music Man Records in November.

The German DJ/producer already has one commercial mix CD under his belt, namely 2008’s lauded Berghain 02. Since then he has released a debut album (2010’s Dettmann) and continued putting out his own 12″s (and those of close friend Norman Nodge) on his MDR imprint.

Conducted collates the work of some of his most esteemed techno contemporaries, including Sandwell District, Roman Lindau, Redshape, Milton Bradely and Shed (twice), alongside mid 2000s tackle from Mono Junk, classic early 90s business from Real By Real aka Martin Bonds and a bewitching slice of obscure, early New York house from Bluemoon Productions.

There will also be two 12″ vinyl samplers showcasing the material featured on the mix – these will include tracks from Morphosis and enigmatic Berlin-based duo The Analgoue Cops, among others.

Conducted by Marcel Dettmann will be released on November 14, 2011. Intriguingly, it seems the mix will be sold as an extensive package, which, according to a distributor mailout, will include an “extensive booklet” boasting sleeve notes and interviews conducted by Dettmann himself. More information on that when we have it.


Mix CD:

1. Sandwell District – Immolare (First)
2. Signal – Wismut
3. Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion
4. Mono Junk – Channel B
5. Reel By Real – Sundog
6. Bluemoon Productions – Night
7. The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me
8. Vril – V3
9. Milton Bradley – Don’t Phonk
10. Silent Servant – El Mar
11. Morphosis – Too Far
12. Redshape – The Lesson
13. Shed – Hello Bleep!
14. Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
15. O/V/R – Post-Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Wave Mix)
16. FBK – Nanomal
17. Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
18. Shed – 44A (Hard Wax Forever!)

Vinyl samplers:

12” sampler 1:

A1. Bluemoon Productions – Night
A2. Morphosis – Too Far
B1. Signal – Wismut
B2. FBK – Nanomal

12” sampler 2:

A1. Cheeba Starks presents The Toupe Committee – GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
A2. Answer Code Request – Escape Myself
B1. Vril – V3
B2. The Analogue Cops – Why You Love Me