Analogue Cops team up with Blawan and Ryan Elliott

Berlin based Italian producers Lucretio and Marieu aka The Analogue Cops will release a four track EP next month featuring collaborations with Blawan and Ryan Elliott.

The duo are renowned for purveying gritty, raw house and techno via their own Restoration Records imprint, and were recently snapped up by Ostgut Ton to remix Steffi’s “You Own My Mind”. News of the Blawan hook-up first came to our attention a few weeks back when the UK producer included one of the tracks in an Xfm mix posted on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Mixcloud page.

Equally exciting is news of two further tracks made with Berlin based American Ryan Elliott, a man known more for his DJing prowess than productions (save for the occasional remix for Spectral Sound) until the release of the impressive Rocksteady EP via Ostgut Ton earlier this year.

Restoration will release the Big Family EP on September 16, 2011.


Side A (The Analogue Cops & Blawan):

A1: “Good Stuff”
A2: “45 Dollars”

Side B (The Analogue Cops & Ryan Elliott):

B1: “To The Park”
B2: “Let Me Count”