Theo Parrish’s Ugly Edits set for CD release

Theo Parrish’s ultra rare Ugly Edits 12″s will soon be coming out on CD, with a 17-track selection on the way.

Since the first Ugly Edits 12” dropped in 2002, Theo fans, disco diggers and record collectors have rushed to snap up each of the eight releases. In typical Theo Parrish fashion, each hand-sprayed 12” was released in ludicrously small quantities, making them sought-after collectors items.

While all eight have been bootlegged countless times in the UK and Europe – often on poor quality pressings – few thought the headstrong, vinyl-obsessive producer would allow them to come out on CD.

The Ugly Edits CD is due for release soon – again, in limited quantities – and appears to be an “official” Theo product. It contains all 17 tracks from the eight vinyl releases to date, including a whole heap of typically raw, uncompromising cuts of tracks from Willie Hutch, Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang, Slowly Surely, Jill Scott, Mandrill and Eta James.

An official release date has not been set – keep an eye on Juno Plus for more details as they emerge.


1. Slowly Surely
2. Never Let U Go
3. Love I Lost
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
5. Little Flower
6. Got A Match?
7. Get On Down
8. Stay Together
9. Get Up It’s Summer
10. Roger N Me
11. No Way Back
12. I Love You
13. Shave Mister
14. Party Going On
15. Yo Sexy Body
16. Slick
17. Never Seen A Tree