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Listen: Martyn’s Impulsief mix for oki-ni

Dutch producer Martyn has compiled an excellent mixtape for online fashionistas oki-ni that effortlessly draws a line between Miles Davis, Carl Craig, Caribou and more.

Entitled IMPULSIEF – that’s Dutch for impulsive, don’t you know – the mix opens with the smoky late night jazz of Davis’ “Tutu” and works through a selection of tracks that have the refreshing whiff of spontaneity.

You’ll also find the Pet Shop Boys’ finest moment, 80s art funk from Son Of Sam, two contributions from Dan Snaith under his Caribou and Daphni pseudonyms, and, best of the lot, classic Chicago house jam “Don’t Make Me Jack” by Paris Grey.

Here’s what the 3024 boss had to say about his selection: “I do like spontaneously recorded moments, so I woke up, saw that here in the sleepy suburbs of Washington DC it was going to be a beautiful day, and decided to do a mix as if it were a spring afternoon radio show, with a few jingles and music from across the board that I love dearly.

“Contrary to my DJ gigs in clubs, I actually danced hard to these songs during the recording, and I found out there’s no shame in knowing all the lyrics to “West End Girls”.” Too right!


Miles Davis / Tutu
The Family / High Fashion
Tom Tom Club / Shock the World
Toro Y Moi / Causers of This
Pet Shop Boys / West End Girls
Games / Strawberry Skies
Carl Craig / Goodbye World
Das Ding / H.S.T.A.
Paris Grey / Don’t Make me Jack
Son of Sam / Nature makes a Mistake
Austin Peralta / Renaissance Bubbles
Caribou / Kaili
Visage / The Damned don’t Cry
Oppenheimer Analysis / The Devils Dancer
Daphni / Ye Ye
L.A. Synthesis / Agraphobia
Nosaj Thing / IOIO
Sheila E / Dear Michaelangelo