Blu Mar Ten make coveted remix available in name of charity

Music aficionados of a certain vintage may well remember a considerable amount of fuss being made over a very limited Blu Mar Ten remix 12″ of Erykah Badu & The Roots’ “You Got Me”.

Released back in 1999, the 1000 one sided vinyls sold out more or less instantly, and soon after started fetching silly money (silly by online record shopping standards as opposed to pontyailed Geordie striker standards) on the web.

The Blu Mar Ten boys have nobly decided to turn this particular – and hitherto hard to find – hot cake into a boon for cancer research. They have the track available for download, in exchange for a small donation to Cancer Research UK.

Here’s what the boys had to say about it: “We’ve been thinking about this a lot and decided to use the high demand for a good cause.

“So what we’d like you to do is donate whatever you can to Cancer Research UK in exchange for a download of the track.”

At the time of writing BMT had raised almost a quarter of their £2000 target. You can do your good deed for the day by grabbing the track and making your donation here.