Fools Gold drop So Me directed Barbara Streisand Video

Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisand” from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

Fools Gold have unveiled a music video for Duck Sauce’s eponymous Barbara Streisand video directed by Ed Banger camera pointer So Me which is basically spot the celebrity musician to a thumping Boney M soundtrack.

Duck Sauce, otherwise known as professional hat wearer A-Trak and recent London Fields adoptee Armand Van Helden, have teased fans with the release of this track all summer. Indeed, somewhat shoddy edits and remixes have been flooding the less discerning corners of the internet for months now. Much like their debut hit “aNYway”, “Barbara Streisand” excels in it’s throwback disco house simplicity and has one of those vocal refrains that will ingrain itself on your memory.

The track is finally set for release on October 12, and Fools Gold have comissioned what is admittedly a rather fun video from So Me which has struck on the winning combination of shots of New York, plenty of attractive women and an exhaustive list of famous friends that includes *deep breath* ?uestlove, a dancing Santigold, Chromeo, DJ Mehdi, DJ Premier, Kanye Tweet, Pharell Williams and Diplo.