San Soda to release debut LP

Belgian imprint We Play House will release the debut album from San Soda next month, titled Immers & Daarentegen.

It will mark the first ever album release for WPH, which was launched by highly respected DJ Red D in 2008.

The album will showcase the wide raging abilites of one of Europe’s finest young producers, and should cap a stellar year for a label that has excelled in 2010 with releases from Luv Jam and FCL among others.

Immers & Daarentegen will be available as a 2xCD package, with a bonus mix by label boss Red D containing a selection of WPH tracks past, present and future – all recorded in one take with two turntables, one CDJ and a pristine collection of virgin WPH vinyls.

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1. Juno Love
2. Interlude: Milieutechnologie 1,
3. Quilombo
4. Evaluation Of The Evidence (short version),
5. Interlude: Kousevoetjes,
6. Hypocrisy
7. Something About Compression,
8. Let’s Go
9. Interlude: Milieutechnologie 4,
10. Doorsnee
11. Cocomo
12. Interlude: NLST
13. Shouts In Peace
14. Kylie Bling
15. NMBSucks
16. Timbapunk


A1. Juno Love
A2. Something About Compression
A3. Cocomo
A4. Kylie Bling
B1. Shouts In Peace
B2. NMBSucks
B3. Timbapunk