Mike Monday – Yoppul review

Artist: Mike Monday
Title: Yoppul
Label: Get Digital/Get Physical Germany
Genre: Minimal House/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

This two-tracker is a refreshing and classy release from Brit Mike Monday. Title track “Yoppul” has an addictive filtered vocal that slowly rises over an infectious beat which is minimal, but at the same time sounds like a whistle short of a full-on carnival party. With snares on the one for a funky feel, and layers of percussion tastefully arranged underneath, it really lends itself to a minimal arrangement. The groove is so great, it can carry on indefinitely and still not lose a single body from the dancefloor. It’s fresh as hell and well worth checking out.

Touch is a more Tech-orientated tune, but again the hypnotic simplicity wins you over in seconds. Whispered vocals play call and response with each other over a perfectly balanced beat, while slowly a huge wave of synth pads swells over the top. The simplest of changes through the track become hugely affecting and memorable, always the sign of a quality Minimal House producer at work. These two tracks come highly recommended.

Review: Oliver Keens