Teddy Presberg – Outcries From A Sea Of Red (Remixed Volume 1) review

Artist: Teddy Presberg
Title: Outcries From A Sea Of Red (Remixed Volume 1)
Label: Timewarp Greece
Genre: Funk/Rare Groove/Reissues
Format: Digital
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Teddy Presberg is an American underground jazz and funk improvisation performer. A guitar player of an incredible talent and blessed with an ability to conjure mass amounts of soul and emotion with his music, Teddy is one of the most exciting acts in an already unrestrained and explosive scene. This compilation is a selection of tracks from his most recent album, Outcries From a Sea of Red that have been remixed and re-edited by Timewarp artists.

Many Timewarp artists have been admirers of Presberg’s work and once approached, have embraced the challenges of fusing his work with modern electronic grooves. Following on from Timewarp Inc’s opening remix of “Bella’s Boogaloo” we get a selection of groove-laden mixes from the likes of Niles Philips, Atfunk, Medras and Quasamodo & Trotter. Each adding their own style and flavour, the overall feel of Teddy’s vintage soul sound remains present throughout. Along the way, we encounter nujazz, funk, disco, house and even elements of reggae and dub. To put it simply, this album has a sound all of its own.

With promises of a second volume already made, fans and musicians alike will be extremely excited to see what sounds can be merged next. If this album is anything to go by, then we can expect even more talented artists wanting to get involved and make their own unique interpretations of the legend that is Teddy Presberg.

Review: Tom Jones