Mr C – Lunar review

Artist: Mr C
Title: Lunar EP
Label: Wagon Repair Canada
Genre: Minimal House/Tech House
Format: 12″, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

A true legend and survivor, Mr. C has returned after a five year hiatus to drop the Lunar EP, the title of which suggests that the former Shamen frontman has spent most of the time looking up at the skies. The three song titles on the EP reflect the cycle of the moon, starting off with “Full Moon”, which takes you into a spacey place courtesy of some fine acid synth-lines and some slow building strings that join in after a couple of minutes.

The three songs aren’t meant to be a full-blown cycle, but there’s still a nice sense of continuity between the tracks as sounds reappear throughout. Waxing is a darker, more sinister tune with breathy pads in the background. Dark Moon rounds off the interplanetary trip nicely, with an sweet breakdown to a simple bassline. Apparently this EP was the first time Mr.C has produced 100% solo in the studio. If so, it’s a formula he should continue with, as well as the star-gazing.

Review: Oliver Keens