Kompakt announce Pop Ambient 2010

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kompakt’s signature Pop Ambient series, the label is releasing a compilation with new and exclusive material from Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas), DJ Koze, The Orb and the legendary Dettinger (after a decade-long absence).

The ambient arm of the German imprint has developed a reputation for consistently releasing ambient, melodic material from the same loose collective of artists (although the pick up some new faces along the way).

It all sounds super exciting, so mark the release date in your diary – January 18, 2010.


1. Marsen Jules – The Sound Of One Lip Kissing
2. Brock Van Wey/BVDUB – Lest You Forget
3. Triola – Shildergasse
4. Wolfgang Voigt – Zither Und Horn
5. Andrew Thomas – Clouds Across Face
6. The Orb – Glen Coe
7. Mikkel Metal – Blue Items
8. DJ Koze – Bodenweich
9. Jürgen Paape – 864M
10. Dettinger – Therefore
11. Thomas Fehlmann – In The Wind
12. Popnoname – Deutz Air
13. Brock Van Wey/BV – Will You Know Where To Find Me