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Review: Fuckypony – Let The Love Flow

Artist: Fuckpony
Title: Let The Love Flow
Label: BPitch
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: CD, Digital
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Fuckpony is the latest incarnation of Jay Haze, a man who seems to have released music on pretty much every major label that has ever dealt with techno. The opening track on his new album Let The Love Flow begins with Jan Hammer-esque chimes and an undertow of mournful waves, which reach a chest-swelling crescendo before being scattered by drums with so much live swing that they verge on UK Garage. While the first track “Are U Feeling Abroad” could be classed as little more than an intro, all of the motifs it contains resurface and re-shuffle throughout the course of the album.

The retro-futurist keys, melancholic pads, introspective vocal flourishes and classic house drum patterns are re-arranged and re-assembled to create an album with a singular identity. Yet somehow it still manages to flirt with styles ranging from dance floor based house-music (“Real Love is Forever”, “Orgasm on the Dancefloor Saturday Night”), deep techno (“Always Sunday”) and soulful incarnations of the aforementioned garage (“Fall Into Me”).

This album definitely feels important, perhaps what Burial’s Mercury Award-nominated album of 2008 did for twilight London and evolutionary dubstep, “Let The Love Flow” may very well go on to do for Berlin and future garage sounds.

Review: Geoff Leopard