Review: Pink Skull – Endless Bummer

Artist: Pink Skull
Title: Endless Bummer
Label: RVNG Intl
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Format: Digital (Juno Exclusive)
Buy From: Juno Download

Philly dudes Pink Skull scored one of last years more under rated albums with their debut longplayer Zeppelin 3. Blasting through the duos love of all 60s psychedelia, 70s kraut cosmiche and 90s bleep rave accompanied by deranged song titles, it was something of a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of electro house, 2008’s most prevalent sound.

With Endless Bummer, their sophomore effort released on the awesome NYC boutique label RVNG, Pink Skull’s sound has matured, relying less on scattergun processed MPC beats, with the core duo of Julian Grefe and Justin Geller adding a bass player, guitarist and drummer to their line-up.

Disco pogo workouts like “Chicken Dream Inside Egg” and “Oh Monorail” bring to mind The Emperor Machine in their pomp, whilst tracks such as “When Falling Straight Through A Goat” and “Wheet” hint at the ambience of Eno and The Orb.

Review: Tony Poland