The Echonomist – Chute

Artist: The Echonimist
Title: Chute
Label: Time Has Changed Records
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
Format: Digital (Juno Exclusive), 12″
Buy From: Juno Records, Juno Download

Released on French minimal/techno label Time Has Changed, the new EP from The Echonomist (aka Greek producer Petros Mangaranis) is a dark yet energetic affair.

Having focused on downtempo techno since 2005 and co-running V.I.M Records, Mangaranis also dabbles in several musical projects including The Scientifics and is one half of Petter Pann.

Title track “Chute” features four-to-the-floor rhythms with off-beat cut up vocals and a Joris Voorn-esque shuffle kicking in before a delicate melody. The heavier Ed Davenport remix reworks the 808 cowbell with a groovy bassline and synths, whilst the eerie highlight of the EP, “Chant Arabe”, samples a typical Maghreb vocal with warped tribal drums – a more electronic take on the current crop of ‘ethnic’ tech house tracks.

Review: Flora Wong