Emotional Response dig through the Diskant archives again

A further retrospective of The Durian Brothers called Ausgewahlte Durian Stucke will arrive in September.

It is no secret Emotional Response/Rescue boss Stuart Leath has a fondness for the musical strains that have emanated from the fabled Salon Des Amateurs venue in West German city Düsseldorf. Earlier this year this fondness was channelled into profiling the Diskant label operated sporadically by The Durian Brothers trio of Marc Matter, Stefan ‘Harmonious Thelonious’ Schwander and Florian ‘Don’t DJ’ Meyer with Diskanted. Issued in February, the double LP release compiled material the trio recorded together and under their respective solo projects on Diskant which is now largely out of print.

September will see Emotional Response draw for the Diskant archives once more, with Ausgewahlte Durian Stuck focusing specifically on polyrhythmic turntabling tinkering of The Durian Brothers. Translating roughly as Selected Durian Pieces, the six-track album picks out two cuts a piece from the three Durian Brothers 12″s (Clubs, Cuts and Cubs) issued on Diskant between 2009 and 2012. A press release from Emotional Response notes: “As the solo projects of Don’t DJ and Harmonious Thelonious become more distinct and known, what the future holds for the Brother’s collaborations is uncertain, but together their music has little to compare.”

Emotional Response will release Ausgewahlte Durian Stucke by The Durian Brothers in September.


A1. Haisai
A2. Heat
A3. Planete Sauvage
B1. Inside Palace
B2. Mille Yeaux
B3. Ferme Intention

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