Hanna drops Bless on Sound Signature

A ninth album from Warren Harris is his first on Theo Parrish’s label.

Amongst peers such as Glenn Underground and Alton Miller, Warren Harris has long been turning out a truly soulful strain of deep house. His discography as Hanna reaches back to the late ‘90s, shaped out by warm jazz and soul tropes and a healthy dose of funk, but more than anything Harris is a dab hand at crafting a very distinctive kind of swing where the drums sound like they could fall apart at any minute. Some of his more straight-up material has landed on Paper Recordings in the past, while there have been repeat appearances on Séparé over time, but one of Harris’ crowning glories is surely the Time Hotel 12” that appeared on Sound Signature back in 2005.

Things have been distinctly quiet from Harris since 2009’s Sometimes 12”, but now he returns with a new album entitled Bless. His ninth full-length outing is also his first for Sound Signature, and it follows on neatly from the Time Hotel 12” in dealing with dusky late night moods, off-kilter bumping drums and generous lashings of soul. If you’ve ever been a fan of the Hanna sound, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with this new turn – just take a listen to the clips below if you need further proof. Meanwhile Sound Signature have plenty going on at the moment, with no less than two compilation CDs landing simultaneously under the banner of These Songs Should’ve Been Out On Wax By Now.

The two CDs are touted as a compromise in format due pressing plant delays, but who knows what the original intention for this music was. The heavy-hitting cast of characters includes Harris as well as Amp Fiddler, Kyle Hall, Alton Miller, Tony Allen, Kai Alce, Marcellus Pittman and Theo Parrish himself. You can order all of the aforementioned albums from the Sound Signature shop, and scroll down further for snippets of parts one and two of the compilation. It’s also worth noting that, while no specific tracklisting exists for the compilations, after purchasing the compilation you can play the “how Detroit are you?” game on the Sound Signature site to match artists to tracks for a chance to win prizes. What fun for the trainspotters out there.

Bless by Hanna and These Songs Should’ve Been Out On Wax By Now Parts 1 & 2 by Various Artists are out now on Sound Signature.


1. Hanna’s Waltz
2. His Eyes
3. A Moment in Time
4. My Heart
5. Effervescence (Hanna vs. Karru)
6. The Sketch
7. As Fresh As
8. Haunted
9. Feel You
10. Water Into Wine

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