Sciahri goes Behind The Line

Stream the Ilian Tape affiliate’s upcoming debut on Black Opal in full here. 

Pictured above re-enacting his favourite Patrick Stewart meme, Florence producer Sciahri first surfaced in early 2014 with Mysterious Love, the third ITX 12″ from Ilian Tape and a confident four-track display of loop techno. Since then, his involvement in the more experimental UNKNOT project with fellow Emanuele Porcinai has been the focus of Sciahri’s efforts resulting in a pair of self-released 12″s arriving over the course of the past year. Those hungry for some solo Sciahri output in the mould of his Ilian Tape debut will be satisfied with the news the Italian is next in line to appear on the Black Opal series from Opal Tapes.

Due out later this month, the four-track Behind The Line 12″ can be streamed in full below and further widens the Black Opal techno remit which has so far seen a fine album from Xosar complemented by equally worthy Cloud Face, Life’s Track and Ñaka Ñaka EPs.

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