Preview a fourth serving of No Symbols from Beneath

BeneathThe UK producer returns to his regular home after a recent outing on PAN – preview the forthcoming 12″ here.

Beneath might be a producer in the ascendance thanks to a recent release on Bill Kouligas’ highly-lauded PAN label, but it’s clear that he isn’t planning on abandoning the No Symbols imprint that he made his name with any time soon. With the dust having barely settled on the excellent Vobes EP, the producer has shared generous clips of the fourth No Symbols release, which will see three more examples of his dense, percussive take on techno. Taking a slightly less experimental approach than Vobes, which felt like a combination of early Sheffield techno and contemporary bass fusions, No Symbols 004 feels a little more upfront in its sound, with the air raid sirens and pumping lead of “Golden Age” sounding like one of the producer’s biggest productions yet. All three tracks can be previewed below ahead of the record’s release later this month.

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