Leibniz resurfaces on the shtum label

Preview the Leipzig-based producer’s new release for the Uncanny Valley offshoot. 

Staying true to the meaning of its name, the shtum sub-label has remained steadfastly low-key since Uncanny Valley first laid out plans to use it as an outlet for “proper techno and raw house” back in late 2012. Inaugurated by Berlin-dwelling Dresden native Monomood, shtum have gone on to intermittently issue club tackle from Kryptic Universe and Yør, and have now revealed that the excellent Fourth Wave graduate Leibniz is next in line to release with the label.

Leibniz hails from Leipzig, and much like his celebrated fellow Leipzig natives Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup, seems eminently capable of taking the framework of house and techno and implementing the sort of personality and idiosyncracy that’s absent from a lot of other producers working in the same field. It was evident on last year’s What Matters for Fourth Wave, and is demonstrated in spades across the four tracks that make up his forthcoming shtum bow, as the below samples demonstrate.

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