Jokers of the Scene are Stoned In Death Valley

Soak up one of the video treatments for the Canadian duo’s forthcoming debut album End Scene.

Toronto-based producers Linus Booth and Chris Macintyre have been operating under the Jokers of the Scene guise since 2008, and snugly occupy a space as one of the pleasantly stranger Canadian electronic acts currently active. Next week sees the release of their debut album End Scene, an ambitious 11-track set that looks to coalesce their joint influences of “VHS-addled film music, new wave jams, weirdo library records, acid house bangers, selected ambient works, and warehouse jackers”.

Set for release on Throne Of Kanada, a collaborative label formed by New Kanada and Throne Of Blood, the scale of ambition shown on the album has been transferred to their chosen method of promoting End Scene with all the tracks handed to New York-based multimedia artist and video director Sean Dack. If you spend some of your day browsing the online paddy fields of electronic music content you’ll probably have witnessed some of Dack’s mulchy visual work for End Scene, and we’ve been granted the premiere to “Stoned In Death Valley,” one of our favourites from the album.

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