Livity Sound tap up Dresvn and MM/KM for remix series

Preview the latest installment in the Livity Sound Remix series. 

Plans to release a series of 12″s featuring some high profile remixes of the Livity Sound catalogue were first announced back in early February, and so far seven cuts from Asusu, Pev and Kowton have been tampered with by everyone from Pangaea and Beneath to Surgeon and Nick Höppner. Given that between them, the Livity Sound trio released almost 20 tracks, this still leaves a healthy dose of material open to reinterpretation, and it will be interesting to see who else is called upon to contribute to a series that’s proving an exception to the rule regarding remix 12″s.

Certainly the latest artists announced to tackle the collective makes for exciting news for anyone with a keen interest in the odder strands of house and techno. Available to preview below, the next record in the series finds Leipzig duo Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup messing with the DNA of Kowton’s 909 growler “More Games”, while the flip sees Dresvn (aka SVN and Dynamo Dreesen) turn in what is only their second remix to date, a modular bleep-filled take on Asusu’s minimal, dank basement number “Too Much Time Has Passed”.