Get a taste for Bok Bok’s new EP with “Howard”

Your Charizmatic Self
Hear a track from the Night Slugs producer’s forthcoming Your Charizmatic Self.

Revealed in full late last month, Your Charizmatic Self represents the first full solo EP from Night Slugs lynchpin Bok Bok in some three years. Speaking with FACT prior to the announcement, the DJ and producer outlined the conceptual nature of the EP; supposedly set within the concrete studio depicted on the above artwork, the EP all sounds “as if they were built in that space or as if they were played out into that space”, with reverbs and delays programmed accordingly.

This concept has already been previewed to intriguing effect by the video for “Melba’s Call”, a collaboration with vocalist Kelela which acts as the EP’s opening track. Now the producer has snuck a second track from the EP onto SoundCloud; available to stream in full below, “Howard” features the same combination of stop-start rhythm, killer funk synths and ’80s vibes made holographic, but it’s the satisfyingly lopsided bass wubs that really top the experience off.

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