Win: Tickets to Resident Advisor’s X party in London

To celebrate a decade of serving the electronic music world with news, reviews and that podcast series Resident Advisor recently unveiled a series of ten parties spread across the world. Readers of Juno Plus are in with a chance to attend the opening event in London.

The series of parties – which begin next month and end at Trouw during the annual Amsterdam Dance Event in October – have an intriguing concept running through them, as Resident Advisor task a mystery headline guest with curating the lineup for each event.

The opening party at Cable sees Ben UFO, Trevor Jackson, Kyle Hall, Lawrence, Oner Ozer and Horizontal Ground’s 19.454. share the billing, whilst the second party in Barcelona during Sonar features Prins Thomas, Mark E and Soul Clap.¬† The lineups for the subsequent eight parties remain cloaked in mystery.

With the varied nature of the lineup for the opening party in mind, it’s only natural that our competition question should centre around which individual might be responsible for curating it. So for a chance to win one of three double passes to the event taking place on June 11, leave a comment below with your suggestion for who the mystery guest might be.

We’ll pick the most interesting answers and notify the winner via email. The competition will remain open until¬† midday Wednesday June 8 leaving you plenty of time to deliberate.

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  1. Wavatar Destroyer says:

    Who bothers guessing? Hello? And Art Department? Come on, be a little creative, they’re not from London…

  2. Wavatar Jeff says:

    Art Department

  3. Wavatar Graeme Jackson says:


  4. Wavatar Benn says:

    I pondered for a bit. Then I got distracted and played some records. Pulled out some old KMS stuff, then on to some Blake Baxter and then that spat me in to the era of Tresor Recordings which took me to Jeff Mills just after leaving UR. Somehow I ended playing an old Planet E record, Carl as BFC with “Chicken Noodle Soup” – yes, it’s nutritious just like the vocal says/…. err… then I had to pull myself out of the Detroit cloud of music.

    But, naw, it’s none of those.

    The likes of Surgeon and Sandwell District are good guesses. I like the idea of Surgeon being the guest. Carl Craig’s also a pretty nice idea, diverse as well.

    But, I’m going to go left field a just a little and suggest Caribou. He had RA’s 2010 album of the year. His recent RA podcast was entertaining and he’s a damned good musician. I feel it’s his diversity that could touch many tastes…

  5. Wavatar Ben Millar says:

    going on a limb here: andy weatherall……

  6. Wavatar Tom says:

    My guess is Surgeon!

  7. Wavatar MJ says:

    The one and only.. thee beautiful Magda !!!

  8. Wavatar Aurel says:

    I know, everybody`s wishes are Carl Craig or Richie Hawtin.
    At first i thought that might be Michael Mayer. Other DJ`s are Matthias Tanzmann and Dixon, but they are already booked for diferent parties abroad for this night. Next candidate was Adam Bayer, but I wasn`t sure with him. I was looking at every DJ from line-up, and I found through 19.454.`s friend SLASHDOT DASH that he used to play with Sandwell District. And FINALLY – i found him. SANDWELL DISTRICT have been breaking down and re-arranging the D.N.A of conventional dance music for over a decade!!!!!!!

    X (secret headliner) is: SANDWELL DISTRICT (Regis and Function)


  9. Wavatar Alica Kuchynova says:

    After long brainstorming and surfing through dj profiles and their profiles I came to conclusion that it can be only one: Carl Craig, he is still active and innovative. And it is also my wish to see him there.
    so there it is, my guess is Carl Craig