Win: Gatefold 2xLP copy of Gatto Fritto album

The excellent International Feel imprint has furnished Juno Plus with a free copy of the rather plush looking gatefold limited edition Gatto Fritto LP, which we will be sending out to one lucky reader.

Unassuming (and criminally underrated) London-based producer Ben Williams aka Gatto Fritto will release his eponymous debut album later this month, following a slew of 12″s on Andy Blake’s defunct Dissident label as well as his own Fritto Morto label.

Wrapped in the kind of deluxe artwork one now expects from International Feel, the 180gm double 12″ album is limited to 500 copies worldwide and fits snugly into both the collectible and listenable categories.

This competition has now now closed and the winner has been notified – many thanks to all that participated!

Gatto Fritto will be released on April 18. For those of you who don’t snag this freebie, check out the release over at Juno Records.

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  1. Wavatar MJ says:

    The glorious country of Kazakhstan! The beats would be tremendous!

  2. Wavatar Simas says:

    Papua New Guinea !

  3. Wavatar kost313 says:

    France…I do not know why

  4. El Salvador so I can lash out some Azoto in the capital city in a neu-ironic fashion

  5. Wavatar Chaiki says:

    Spain…I live here!!!!

  6. Wavatar Tim says:

    Definitely Spain

  7. Wavatar Fog says:


  8. Wavatar Vassilios M. says:

    French, i think is the most discoish affected and inspired country

  9. Wavatar ib says:

    North Korea.

  10. Wavatar ben anthony says:


  11. Wavatar Bernardo Carvalho says:


  12. Wavatar Jimbo says:


  13. Wavatar andrew says:

    i like seeing small people in make up dancing

  14. Wavatar Sky says:


  15. Wavatar Louis says:


  16. Wavatar catch a wave says:

    It’s all about Valparaiso! Just think about!
    Perfect place for any good dream – like in that song ;)!

  17. Wavatar Local says:

    India, no doubt!

  18. Wavatar C88lman says:

    I put it simply – Ukraine. Должен быть открыт в Украине.

  19. Wavatar says:


    There’s Fuego en la disco here.

  20. Wavatar james says:

    Vatican City.

    The pope loves disco.

  21. Wavatar anders says:

    That disco hot bed of a country known as Scotland.

  22. Wavatar Tim says:

    Argentina…give International Feel some competition!