Mixvibes Cross unveil 1.5 Update

Mixvibes have announced news of a major new update for their Cross digital DJing system which retains the trademark Mixvibes simplicity whilst implementing some major improvements.

The 1.5 update includes three new effects in the form of Delay, High-pass Filter and Flanger with multiple parameters controllable with one single knob. There has also been a major overhaul of the midi capabilities and the software is now compatible with the advanced 14-bit MIDI protocol used by many of the industry standard controllers currently available.

Cross now incorporates 35 MIDI mappings, including seamless integration with the Denon DN-S3700, Novation Dicer, Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV, Vestax VCI-300/VCI-300 MKII and the Allen & Heath Xone DX to name but a few. It is also now possible to ‘Hot Plug’ MIDI controllers on the fly without the need to power up and down.

Other features include a handy BPM analyzer and an output limiter to ensure maximum volume alongside outstanding sound quality, whilst the possibility to save up to 6 cue locators (double the previous power) makes on the spot remix possibilities a walk in the park!

A demo version is available now from the Mixvibes site.

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