Nicolas Jaar preps Clown & Sunset compilation

Musical prodigy Nicolas Jaar will release a 10-track compilation through his fledgling Clown & Sunset imprint later this year.

The digital-only release, entitled Ines, will feature Jaar’s own work alongside that of two other obscenely talented young producers, namely 17 year old Soul Keita and 20 year old Quasim.

Jaar alluded to the compilation in a recent interview with Juno Plus, saying “Clown and Sunset is the way for me to be independent and put out the music that I feel should not be on either Wolf + Lamb or Circus Company”. He described Soul Keita and Quasim as “two kids who are really young like me – no one knows them – making very beautiful music”.

Despite his tender years, Jaar has already shown a great deal of maturity and diversity in his productions, which reach well beyond the realms of the dance floor, and one expects this compilation to offer the listener plenty of musical depth. As well as a host of individual productions, there is also one track on which all three team up under the Clown n’ Sunset Collective moniker.

Ines is due for release in November – check out the full tracklisting below.


1. Nicolas Jaar – Tribute to My Mother
2. Nikita Quasim – Freshmen Year
3. Nicolas Jaar – Dubliners
4. Soul + Nico feat. Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ Bad
5. Soul Keita – Dusties n 808s
6. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype
7. Nikita Quasim – Can’t Go to Cuba
8. Clown n’ Sunset Collective – Her String
9. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose Again
10. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype

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