Abe Duque – Live & On Acid review

Abe Duque - Live & On Acid
Abe Duque
Live & On Acid
CD, Digital
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It’s probably best not to pay that much attention to the pretty silly homage to Clockwork Orange that covers this excellent two CD mix documenting the career of veteran acid jock Abe Duque. Across the first CD your ears are treated to what is purportedly the first recording of Duque’s live set, containing his own material and others that have been finessed and soaked in acid. Duque straddles the line between bass heavy moments and rawer acid workouts perfectly. The opening strains of Daniel Meteo will test the limits of your subs whilst the likes of Savas Pascadilis represent the latter rawness with intermittent bursts of 808 kicks rippling through the acid undercurrents. Duque’s best moment is preserved for fellow New Yorkers Neurotic Drum Band, whose signature track is stretched out and repackaged as one long tough groove, with the distinct piano riff only briefly touched on.

CD2 sees Duque indulge in the vintage acid sounds upon which he made his name at the infamous NY night spot Limelight. Given the current vogue for rawer sounds amongst the house cognoscenti it’s no surprise that absolute classic late 80s jackers from Fingers Inc and Bam Bam sound just as relevant now.

Tony Poland

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