NDF – Since We Last Met review

DFA continue to hit the right note in the second half of 2010 with this encouraging debut release from NDF aka Bruno Pronsato and Sergio Giogini, hot on the heels of essential releases from The Crystal Ark and Jee Day. The original version of “Since We Last Met” is steeped in melancholic beauty which spreads from the warm synth melodies to the undulating kaleidoscopic chords to the intermittent bursts of languid vocals. Beyond the mid point inclusion of some sub heavy kicks, this is a track that has no illusions towards crescendo building, its purpose is to enchant and delight – something that is achieved with ample success. Ricardo Villalobos makes his DFA debut across the B Side with a 12 minute plus abridged 12” edit of the suitably expansive 17 minute remix which appears on the digital release. Giogini’s vocals cascade in the mix around off kilter drum programming and a bodily function sampling bassline that combines with dubby melodies for a truly hypnotic effect.

Tony Poland