Win Cocoon tix with Sven Vath

System who are hosting a Cocoon weekend at Leeds’ Mint Club have teamed up with Juno Download to offer you the chance to submit your questions to Sven Väth to win tickets to the event.

Those who submit the best questions will have them used in an interview by Electronic Music TV to ask Sven himself before he DJs at his 2010 World Tour at System in Leeds Mint Club.

Along with your questions being asked, two winners will also win 2 free VIP tickets each for System’s joint festival with Cocoon (Cocoon In The Park) which is held on July 10th at Temple Newsam in Leeds. Part 1 of the Cocoon Weekend will see Ricardo Villalobos, Cassy and Cormac play on the 1st April, whilst Part 2 on the 4th of April will have sets from Sven Väth, Jamie Anderson, Annie Errez, and Bobby O’Donnell.

Send your questions for Sven to for a chance to win. Closing date for entries is Mon 29th March.

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  1. Many of us have seen or heard about some of your acrobatic antics whilst dj’ing……a little bird told me,in the very beginning of the old Orbit days here, you used to do handstands and mix upside down on the decks @ the Club …is this also true?

  2. Wavatar Neil Johnstone says:

    Which 3 dj’s and why have had the most influence on you over the last 10 years?

  3. Wavatar Helen Taylor says:

    Out of all the djs who play under Cocoons name, who is your favourite?

  4. Wavatar Michael Severns says:

    I saw you in Liverpool last year at Nation and your ripped the place up! Best atmosphere ive seen in Liverpool by Far!. But where in Britain has been your favourite Gig and why?

  5. Wavatar Jay Murt says:

    You are obviously a very musicaly talented person,I was wondering what musical instruments you can currently play? and which Instruents you have always wanted to be able to play and why?

  6. Wavatar James Smith says:

    House and techno is clearly your home and what the people know you for. But I think we’re all curious about the Sven Vath behind closed doors. I like yourself am a huge Michael Jackson fan, are there any other artists we perhaps would not associate with the Cocoon man?

  7. Wavatar chris says:

    @ jack:

    i was at amnesia for cocoon closing when sven dropped stardust – music sounds better with you – the place was rammo, you couldn’t move on the dancefloor! how many shandy’s did you have that night? :)

  8. Wavatar Nick Hill says:

    No matter how many times i hear dubfire’s terror planet remix of radio slave’s grindhouse, when it drops the shivers race up my back and i feel like i did the first time i heard it, which track does this for you?

  9. Wavatar Dani says:

    How immense does it feel to be in control of an atmosphere and peoples spirits at the drop of a beat?

  10. Wavatar Oli says:

    Is it of your belief that hopeful DJs would need to produce a track or two of good quality to become known on the house/techno scene? Particularly in the UK, where there are very few places to get recognized as a quality DJ? Do you think there progression in just raw mixing anymore?

  11. Wavatar Lewis says:

    Do you see Cocoon in the Park becoming a bigger and possibly longer festival in the future?

  12. Wavatar Paul says:

    Sven – Why do you look like a lion?

  13. Wavatar Jacob Nelson says:

    by interviwees, artists are usually asked to answer who influenced you in your early career , well who influences in the present

  14. Wavatar Pav says:

    There has been a surge of artists integrating complex visual elements into their live DJ sets. Do you have any plans to react to this trend?

  15. Wavatar Ross says:

    Do people ever see your name and mistake you for a Sith Lord from the acclaimed Star Wars saga? If so, have you ever thought of changing your title from “Mr” to “Darth”?

  16. Wavatar Pav says:

    Where did the turban and black eye theme originate from?

    More importantly, what shampoo do you use?

  17. Wavatar Filip says:

    What inspired you to do COCOON organization?

  18. Wavatar Lauren says:

    Does your family ever join you when you travel around on tour?

  19. Wavatar Luke says:

    There are many music festivals around the world throughout the year. Which is your favourite and embodies the music the best?

  20. Wavatar Neal says:

    who would you say is the DJ to watch out for this season in ibiza??

  21. Wavatar Jonny Davison says:

    Have you decided what the sound of the 11th season will be, and have you spotted any of the tracks that tracks that are going to make it?

  22. Wavatar Jack says:

    I was at Cocoon – Amnesia last summer when you played The Music Sounds Better With You at 8am to an almost empty club and it had to be my all time favourite clubbing moment. Whats yours?

  23. Wavatar Joshua Senior says:

    Would you ever consider doing a live show, like Richie Hawtin’s Contact, or Luciano’s Aether, using Cocoon artists?

  24. Wavatar John Doe says:

    What is the longest set you have ever done?

  25. Wavatar Stuart Prentice says:

    You have had a long association with Leeds and I was wondering how you would compare the System/Cocoon vibe of today with the Orbit/Omen vibe of the past?

  26. Wavatar Jack Law says:

    Where did the label name “Cocoon” come from?