BBC 6 Music closure confirmed

UK news agencies have today been awash with news that the BBC digital radio station 6 Music is set to close by 2011.

The Guardian reported that BBC director general Mark Thompson’s strategy review confirmed 6 Music listeners’ worst fears by recommending that the station should be closed at the end of 2011.

The digital station features Erol Alkan, Andrew Weatherall (above), Dave Pearce and Craig Charles amongst its presenters.

The review said 6 Music delivered “relatively few unique listeners to BBC radio”.

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  1. Wavatar Steve Research says:

    I’ll second that Chris… the battle ain’t over yet though, everybody tell them how you feel at:

    Five minutes of your life well spent…

  2. Wavatar Chris Cowie says:

    An absolute shame, a disgrace in fact when we consider how much money the BBC spends on utter rubbish.

    I have always had the utmost respect for weatheralls taste in music. Hes simply out there ion his own, but its very listenable stuff. IMHO, hes the modern day equivalent of John Peel. He should definitely be given another slot on the BBC. Makes me quite angry when I think of the chancers on the BBC every day who care nothing for music, but care everything for their own self me me attitude. I wont name any names…

    Mark Thomoson, Director of the BBC. Your an utter disgrace, a waste of tax payers money. Its not your BBC, its OUR BBC!!!!!

    Chris Cowie
    Music Lover