New Eurorack module reviews: August round-up

This month’s new Eurorack module releases include a brilliant reverb from Earth Quaker, a killer envelope and filter pairing from WMD and a neat CV-to-MIDI solution from Befaco.


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Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 review

This distinctive synth takes a unique approach to generating sound. We find out how to tame it.


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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1B Blackbox review

Could Pittsburgh Modular’s all-in-one synth voice be the best way to get started with modular synthesis?


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Nektar Midiflex 4 review

Compact, straightforward and versatile, the Midiflex 4 is an ideal MIDI solution for connecting software and hardware devices. Here’s how it can help you control your instruments and effects.


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New Eurorack module reviews: July round-up

This month’s bumper selection of new Eurorack module releases includes a hotly anticipated oscillator from Verbos, an updated Fusion valve filter from Erica Synths, plus an updated sampler from 1010 Music.


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Elettrorama/MFOS Soundlab Minisynth Plus review

Continuing the legacy of DIY synth guru Ray Wilson, Elettrorama’s compact synth offers an affordable introduction to analogue sound.


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Behringer Cat review

Behringer’s latest synth is a quirky little duophonic module inspired by a half-forgotten 70s classic.

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Teenage Engineering POM-400 review

The brand’s flagship kit-build modular synth is a unique instrument that will appeal to anyone who likes to get their hands dirty. Think of it as synth Lego.

POM-400 main

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ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe review

The UK modular brand’s first complete system is a thrillingly creative showcase of their approach to making music. We take it for a test drive.

system coupe 003

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New Eurorack module reviews: June round-up

This month: Erica Synths Fusion Modulator and Pico Drive, 4ms Ensemble Oscillator, BLM Mini Shimmery mk2 and WMD Time Warp.

time warp

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Arturia KeyStep Pro review

Arturia’s latest sequencer is a unique keyboard, offering huge creative potential as part of a hardware-focused setup.


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Polyend Medusa Black review

The updated version of Polyend’s excellent Medusa synth and sequencer reminds us why it’s been so popular.

Medusa Black

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Roland Jupiter-X review

Roland’s new flagship synth is a greatest hits of the brand’s legendary synths and drum machines.


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Vermona Melodicer review

Vermona’s new sequencer aims to bring a hint of controlled randomness to your modular racks.


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Retrokits RK006 review

For users of hardware instruments, the RK-006 is a game changer, making sync, MIDI and signal processing easy, even without a DAW.


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Waldorf STVC review

Waldorf’s expanded take on the excellent Streichfett offers a reminder of what makes the classic string synth and vocoder combination so effective.

STVC-top perspective right with mic.106

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New Eurorack module reviews: April round-up

This month: Animal Factory Godeater distortion, Synthesis Technology E300 oscillator, Erica Synths Graphic VCO, AJH Synth Entropic Doom noisillator and Industrial Music Electronics Kermit MkIII.


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Sennheiser HD25 Light review

Updated for 2020, Sennheiser’s HD25 Lights now sound almost identical to the more expensive models in the range.


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Erica Synths x Ninja Tune Zen Delay review

The iconic record label teams up with one of the leading Eurorack brands to create a hugely inspiring hardware effect unit.


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Arturia AudioFuse Studio review

Arturia’s new audio and MIDI interface is a beefed-up version of the original AudioFuse. We discover just how impressive this all-rounder is.


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