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Premiere – Prequel Tapes & dBridge share ‘Mindless’ from new collaborative EP

Drum & bass maverick dBridge and leftfield experimentalist Prequel Tapes join forces on Singapore label Midnight Shift.

© Khali Ackford 2018 _ Dbridge9
dBridge – photo: Khali Ackford

Prequel Tapes and dBridge have shared a track from their forthcoming four track collaboration, exclusively on Juno Daily.

The Ionize EP is released on Singapore-based label Midnight Shift, a musical reflection of the label’s home country’s well-blended diversity.

dBridge commented of the project: “Anyone who knows me musically knows I’m a fan of collaborations, I’m intrigued by what they may conjure up, I especially enjoy working with ppl from beyond the scene I’m known for, so when Marco approached me about this project it was an easy yes, but It was written during lockdown and I had to tend with the varying different head-spaces I found myself in; as we all have. I can be useless when it comes to communicating with ppl, and I often wondered if Marco would just fuck it all off (lol) I’m glad he didn’t as I’m very proud of what we made, Thanks for putting up with my longness Marco x ”
Prequel Tapes @ Heads Radio Show by Frankie Casillo
Prequel Tapes – photo: Frankie Casillo

Prequel Tapes added:- “When Midnight Shift offered me to do a collab EP, Darren was a natural choice, as he’s so versatile and always takes the risks to do the unexpected left turns. The collaboration process was enjoyable and relaxed, as we had that immediate “common sense” of groove, sound design and melody. Collaborating on music has really helped me to stay positive over the last year, Darren and I were dealing with similar situations, which is why we took our time with the music. I’m really happy to share this with everyone now.”

Prequel Tapes & dBridge’s ‘Ionize’ EP is out on June 18.