Roland announce new drum machines based on an 80s classic

The TR-06 and TR-6S channel the spirit of the iconic TR-606.

Roland have announced two new drum machines based on the brand’s classic early 80s TR-606. The TR-06 is an updated take on the 606 with modern features like tuning, pan and distortion, while the TR-6S offers 808, 909, 606 and 707 sounds and FM synthesis with a TR step sequencer.

Released in 1981, the fully analogue TR-606 was a little brother to the flagship TR-808, with a distinctive sound of its own and some of the best hi-hats you’ll find anywhere.

As with Roland’s other vintage reboots, the TR-06 and TR-6S are digital units, with the TR-06 having a similar design and layout to the TR-08, while the TR-6S is like a scaled-down TR-8S.

The Roland TR-06 and TR-6S will be available from late October, both priced at £351. Scroll down to see more of the TR-06 in action.

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