Behringer plan a PPG Wave clone. Here’s how to get Wave sounds in Eurorack

The cheekily-named BBG Wave is confirmed as part of Behringer’s plans, but you can get your hands on classic wavetable sounds in other ways…

Behringer have confirmed that a clone of the classic PPG Wave synth is on their agenda, showing off a working prototype of what they’re calling the BBG Wave. Originally released in 1981, the Wave was a series of synths based around a pioneering hybrid system of wavetable oscillators and analogue filters.

There are no other hardware Wave clones currently on the market, but you can get close to some of those classic wavetable tones with other synths. The most obvious starting point would be the Waldorf Quantum or forthcoming Iridium, which are direct descendants of the Wave. (At the time of writing we’ve also currently got a reduced price B-stock Quantum in stock.)

But for a more affordable and arguably more expansive take on the PPG Wave concept, you could look to some Eurorack modules which adopt techniques and circuits that made the original Wave synths so good. For wavetables, the Waldorf NW1 is an obvious starting point, a bargain at £165.99 and with PPG waves included among the selection on board.

Once the waves are taken care of, how about a Doepfer A-105 filter module, based around the same SSM 2044 chip used in the Wave 2.2 and 2.3?

We’ll bring you news of the Behringer BBG price and release date when we get them. Scroll down to hear the original PPG Wave in action.

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